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INSTAX mini 12


Fill your world with joy

Take bright photos, no matter where or when!

Shutter speed, flash brightness and other settings automatically adjust to ambient light, so you can take the perfect photo with ease.

Easy to use for the perfect close-up!

Twist the lens to turn on, twist again for Close-up mode, simple! This mode is ideal for distances of 30 to 50 cm.

Print the object right in the center

When you set the Close-up mode ON, the object in print will be right in the center.

Take better selfies than ever before!

Use the selfie mirror to line up your shot.
Flash adjusts automatically, even in Close-up mode!
Get just the right amount of light without overexposing the photo.

Print Gallery

Camera design

[photo] INSTAX mini 12 in LILAC PURPLE color


[photo] INSTAX mini 12 in BLOSSOM PINK color


[photo] INSTAX mini 12 in MINT GREEN color


[photo] INSTAX mini 12 in CLAY WHITE color


[photo] INSTAX mini 12 in PASTEL BLUE color


  • * Simulated image. Develops in approx. 90 secs.
  • * Smartphone screen images are superimposed.