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instax SHARE SP-3


Creative Prints from Smartphone

[photo] A hand holding an iPhone simulating Smartphone printing on the Instax SHARE SP-3

Select your best shots from your smartphone and get instax prints by just transferring the shots from the app to SP-3 via Wi-Fi connection.

Color variation

[photo] Instax SHARE SP-3 in white with a sample print on top and a "White" text in white on a grey background.
[photo] Instax SHARE SP-3 in Black with a sample print on top and a "Black" text in white on a brown background.

High-speed printing

High-speed printing in 13 seconds

A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 13 seconds from print data transfer to print output. 
At the same time, printing noise is lower which makes your printing experience much more enjoyable.

[photo] Side view of an Instax SHARE SP-3 in white while printing out a photo
  • instax technology excels in color development and preservation
    The instax system develops colors by delivering the light to pigments and producing chemical reactions.
    It reduces the deterioration of color and sharpness caused by aging which proves excellent image stability just like silver-halide photographic prints.

Various templates available

My template (SP-3 only)

Add text to photos

[photo] Front view of a dog lying on the carpet and the text FAMILY at the top of the photo
[photo] A little boy running on a beach with seagull over his head and the texts Follow me - sea events.
[photo] A girl staring at a blue flower and the words "You are beautiful" written along the 4 sides of the photo.
[photo] Top view of a long spiral staircase with the words "Spiral Up" and "Take a step to the top"


[photo] 4 group of different types of collages available on the Instax SHARE SP-3

Filters for more printing fun!

Custom Filter

[photo] 3 of the same photo with 3 different brightness and contrast filters applied

color filter

[photo] 2 of the same photo with a black and white and sepia filters applied to them
[photo] A before and after of the same photo of a historical building with Image Intelligence applied

Fujifilm Intelligence Filter

The Fujifilm Intelligence Filter uses an optimum processing technology, Image Intelligence™, which is based on Fujifilm's 80 years of experience and ever-advancing know-how. The technology gives real results - for example, to brighten up a photo that turned out too dark.

[photo] A lady printing photos from her Instax camera from her Instax SHARE SP-3 in white on a brown table

Print images from your FUJIFILM digital cameras

With FUJIFILM digital cameras, you can make instax prints by sending the images directly from your camera to “instax SHARE”.

You can now share the images that you can only achieve with digital cameras, such as children and pet images captured at fast shutter speed, or food and flower images with blurred backgrounds, by making them into instax prints on the spot.

[photo] Instax SHARE mobile app in an iPhone, the app logo and the text "Search "instax SHARE" app"

Download free "instax SHARE" App

New user interface and function for better usability.

[logo] Apple logo with Download on the App Store text in white on a black background
[logo] Google Play logo with GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY in white on a black background