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5 Ideas for Capturing the Beauty of Spring

It’s Springtime! The perfect time to get out there and capture nature in all its glory. As leaves return to trees, cherry blossoms bloom and all the gorgeous colours come out in full force, what better time to whip out your camera and snap some pictures than now?!

If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve rounded up five ideas for capturing the true beauty of Spring with your camera – no previous experience required!

1. Sunlight Through Branches

While sun flare can sometimes be a nuisance when you’re out photographing, in Spring you can use the bright light to your advantage and capture it streaming through the branches of your favourite tree for a pretty, dappled effect. You might need to adjust the settings on your camera to get it right, so be open to experimenting and playing around with the different options until you find one that’s just right. But stick with it and you can really add some extra depth and detail into your family photos.

2. Close Ups

With so many flowers in bloom, it can be hard to choose your favourite! But a close up on a single subject can be one of the most powerful and effective ways to take a breathtaking photo. First, take a test shot to review – is there something in the background that’s taking away from what you’re trying to focus on? Crop it out by getting closer to your subject (the centre of a flower is a great way to start) or zooming in. Another tip? Choosing something central will draw the viewer's eye directly to what you want them to see, making it a more impactful image overall.

3. Watch for Bees

Capturing wildlife interacting with nature is a gleeful experience (especially for little ones!). If you are quiet, patient and choose a warm sunny day to go out and take pictures, you might just get lucky and find the bees buzzing around! Getting up close to your subject might just reveal some busy bees pollinating the flowers, making for a unique shot.

4. Symbols of Spring

Searching out flowers that symbolise Spring will enhance the seasonal feeling of your photos. Go on a hunt for flowers such as cherry blossoms and daffodils around your neighbourhood and see what you can find. Printing your favourite photo and framing it, will make for a light, bright addition to your living room.

5. Shadow play

Want to dial it up a notch? Capturing a silhouette of a loved one against a bright, sunny background will add visual interest to your photography, not to mention capturing your subject in a unique and emotive way. For the most effective way to capture this aesthetic, late afternoon on a sunny day might work best.

For the best results, always take a few shots each time, try different angles and don’t be afraid to change up your camera settings. And remember, always look for the light! Lighting will make or break your Springtime photos.

Once you’ve narrowed down your favourites, be sure to print them off with Fujifilm photo printing so you can display them proudly in your home (after a seasonal Spring clean, of course)!