4 ways to make your new house feel like home

Just moved into a new house? Congratulations! What an exciting chapter of life to begin.

While a new house can be just what you need if your family is growing (or alternatively, have just left the nest), a new place can take some getting used to. Some experts even recommend living in your home for at least a month before you start decorating, to get a true feel for the place. But if you’re eager to have your creature comforts on hand from the get-go, why not try these simple tricks to bring back a sense of the familiar?

1. Decide where to put your photos

Looking for an immediate way to make your new place feel like home? Hang up your precious family photos! Start in the bedroom and work your way around, hanging or displaying photos as you go. That way, while you’re getting your bearings in the new space, you’ll have the comfort of your favourite photos already on display to make the transition easier.

2. Use the move as an opportunity to try something different

While you’re deciding where you want your photos to go, why not switch it up a bit? Say a photo you really love was previously tucked away in the back of the house. Now is your opportunity to swap it out with a photo you’ve had on display in the main living area for a while, so you can get the most enjoyment out of it!

A new space means endless opportunities for new photo configurations or even a statement-making arrangement such as a gallery wall.

3. Pop some of your favourite scents around the house

One of the easiest ways to make a new house feel like a home? With fragrance, of course! The part of our brain that recognises scent is closest to the part that retains memories, which explains why our associations with memories are so easily triggered by our sense of smell. Turn on your favourite diffuser or light your favourite candle and feel the instant relaxation wash over you.

4. Organise your bedroom and bathroom first for convenience and familiarity

A great piece of general unpacking advice for a new home is to unpack your bedroom and bathroom first. No one wants to get stuck without toilet paper on their first night in a new home! Similarly, you’ll need somewhere to lay your head and nestle into your new home.

Once you’re all unpacked and settled in, you’ll be able to spot some bare walls or empty spaces to style and make uniquely yours. This is a fabulous opportunity to print your favourite holiday or family photos so you can display your fondest memories proudly in your new home!