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5 ways you can get creative with your photo prints

Whether you’re looking for some DIY tips to get your creative juices flowing or you’re after some inspiration for fun activities to do at home, we’ve got you covered! With these ideas you can get your craft on while going through your most treasured moments and memories.

1. Get scrapbooking

Gather your favourite photos, get out that pretty scrapbook you bought years ago when you promised yourself you’d journal more and get to creating a scrapbook. Collect scraps of paper (wrapping paper or tissue paper is perfect), get some fancy stickers and use colourful sticky tap to make each page super stylish.

2. Reminisce about forgotten family moments

If the kids are running around the house while you’re trying to work from home and juggle homeschooling, take some time out to go through the more peaceful and less stressful family moments.

It might be the case that most of your photos are hidden on your phone or laptop, so we’d recommend printing your favourites. When your printed photos arrive, grab a cuppa (or a glass of your fave Sauv Blanc because, let’s face it, you deserve it!) and spend time going through your hilarious and heart-warming memories. Looking at photos of that time you had to re-enact Jaws during games night, Lachlan’s first steps on the beach or the extended family holiday to Port Douglas will be sure to give you all the feels.

3. Give your workspace a makeover

If you’re working from home, and whether you have a temporary desk in the living room or a full WFH office set up, surround yourself with sprinkles of inspiration. Decorate blank wall spaces with your favourite images so you can daydream about the last trip to New Zealand and the amazing mountainous landscape photos you captured!

4. Send your friends and family some snail mail

Getting old-school hand written mail these days is a very rare thing – pretty much as rare as the opportunity to catch up with your besties right now (or so it feels!). So, why not send your friend some snail mail including a photo of last summer’s BBQ when you were last all together? Imagine your friends’ faces as they open their mailbox and find something other than bills in there!

5. Frame your favourite memories

If your bookshelves are looking a bit bare, pop a couple of your favourite photos in frames to give your home deco a shake up. You can even take this one step further and create a feature wall of mismatched frames. Mix different frame styles, colours and sizes to create a chic at-home gallery!

If you’ve been inspired to print your photos and get crafting, check out where you can print your photos with Fujifilm. With a range of retailers, you can choose the most convenient ordering option (order online, via an app or in-store) and choose whether to collect your prints from the retailer or arrange home delivery.