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How to capture and preserve our kids’ best summer memories

Coming out of lockdown and with Summer holidays upon us, it’s safe to say we have all been planning these holidays for a long time. While it’s important to live in the moment, be present and absorb the holiday, often young children do not fully appreciate the importance of family holidays until they are older. Therefore, this summer break, give your children and family the gift of photos! Capture the kids’ summer memories and activities now, so that when older they can look back and reminisce. Looking for some inspiration? Here’s our top three tips to capture the best memories these summer holidays.

1. Make a Family Scrapbook

Throughout the family holiday, let the kids be the photographers! This encourages them to internalise details of the holiday and try their hand at something creative while they’re at it! When you’re back home, print the images and spend a day compiling and decorating the photos into a beautiful holiday scrapbook that the kids (and you!) can cherish.

2. Create an Artwork for Your House

Using pictures from your family holiday and summer activities, create a collage to display as artwork in your house. Not only does this remind the kids of their amazing holiday memories, but it will also give them a sense of achievement whenever they walk past their creation!

3. Create Matching Tote & Drawstring Bags

The only thing kids love more than back to school gear with their faces on it, is when they’re matching with the adults! Simply create premium tote and drawstring bags with your favourite images. The kids will be delighted with their personalised family library bag that will keep memories of their trip alive and the adults can use the bag for running errands.

Bonus tip: Why not create a yearly calendar with photos from your holiday, so you can reminisce all year round? Our photo gifts make it easy to compile your favourites into a wall or desk calendar, so you can keep track of important dates while preserving your precious memories.

Captured all your summer memories? Head here to find out where you can print your photos.