Image Intelligence

Reproducing Your World

Fujifilm has continuously questioned, studied and researched how people perceive light, colour and photographs to develop image-processing technologies that aim to accurately reproduce the world as vividly seen by the human eye.

Over 80 years of knowledge and expertise has gone into creating Image Intelligence™, Fujifilm's image-processing technology, that strives to reproduce the world with the same clarity and vibrancy as you see it.

With Image Intelligence™, you can salvage those photos that went wrong.

Photographs are very powerful things. They capture a feeling that can last forever. Ask yourself, what did you take in that picture? What does that picture convey to you? Fujifilm aims to grasp on to the emotion of the person taking the photo and help replicate that emotion in print. This is what truly motivates us to perpetually improve our technologies.

Image Intelligence™ at Work

From holiday snaps to professional photography and everything in between, Image Intelligence™ not only enhances everyday photography, but it is also used in other types of Fujifilm’s photographical processes, including printing and medical imaging.

Using dynamic-compression, which was originally developed for medical imaging, in everyday photographs, or leveraging sophisticated operational printing know-how in photography or medical diagnostic imaging, Image Intelligence™ continues to evolve in a variety of fields

  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.