How to take more photos in 2021

The beginning of a year brings a fresh start, and for some, it’s a time to turn a page and start something new. If you’re embracing capturing the moment more this year, here are 6 ways to help you take more photos in 2021.

1.Start a 365 project

Usually the things that mean the most to us, aren’t grand gestures, they’re the little every day things. It can be the same with photography. Yes, it’s amazing to have photos of that night out where you had your hair and make-up done professionally, but the most touching moment was when you tiptoed in to your kids’ rooms to kiss them goodnight when you got home. That’s the kind of feeling you want to bottle up and treasure forever. So, this year, challenge yourself to take one photo a day of something that made you smile. At the end of the year, you can print out all the photos and pop them in an album, so that no matter how many ups and downs the year has thrown at you, you can look back on all the small, yet meaningful, things that brought you joy.

2.Enter photo competitions

Part of the struggle with taking more photos is staying creative and motivated, regardless of whether you’re a professional, a hobbyist or you simply just like taking pictures of your family. A quick online search of ‘photo competitions’ will return a plethora of results. Joining in with photo competitions is a fantastic way to try something new or to focus on a specific subject when taking your photos. Plus there’s the added excitement of chance to win a prize!

3.Join a local photography group

Local photography groups will vary in size and what they offer the community, however most groups will arrange photo meet ups and have friendly members willing to share tips and advice. If you’re looking to take more photos but want a supportive network to learn from, or to encourage you to shoot more, this may be the ideal solution for you.

4.Try your hand at different photography styles

From abstract to architecture; pets to portraits, there are numerous photography styles and subjects to try your hand at. Pick 12 styles that excite you the most and try out a new style each month. You never know, you may discover you’re the next Annie Leibovitz!

5.Become your family’s unofficial photographer

Hopefully 2021 brings us more family gatherings and, having missed out on a lot of family time last year, we urge you to make the most of capturing those treasured memories by always taking your camera with you. Set yourself a target of taking at least 10 photos at every single family event you go to. Become the family’s unofficial photographer and capture those laughs, those stories, and those shared moments.

6.Take part in a 30 day photo challenge

This is a really fun one! Find and take part in a monthly photo a day challenge. Similar to the 365 project, you’ll be taking a photo every day; however these kinds of challenges give you guidance on what to take a photo of each day and are often themed based on the month. Here’s a great example from influencer @FatMumSlim.

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