Personalise Your Christmas Decor with Fujifilm Photo Printing

Looking for some last-minute Christmas decor ideas? You’ve come to the right place! If you like a little DIY and love a good family photo, our guide below will help you create something unique that has a personalised, intimate feel in no time at all.

For the perfect festive season set-up, here are our favourite ways to decorate:

  1. Picture Place Holders: Instead of name tags, print photos of your loved ones and get creative! You can glue a picture of their face onto a paper person cut out or the center of a paper flower, display them on a mini photo holder or even incorporate their photo directly into the place setting, underneath the napkin or above a menu card. The options are endless!

  1. Picture Leaf Table Garland or Tree Ornaments: For a unique approach to a classic Christmas garland or Christmas ornaments, incorporate some printed photos. Nestle the photos within the garland itself and run it along the centre of the table or create photo Christmas ornaments of your favourite memories. Who wouldn’t want to see their loved ones’ faces smiling up at them during Christmas dinner or on display within the family tree?

  1. Cushion Covers: Want to get your gifting and decor sorted in one fell swoop? Get your guests to send in their favourite photos and have them printed onto personalise cushion covers. A fun, unique way of setting the table or decorating the lounge, as your guests can find their cushion at their place and take it home at the end of the night! Genius!

Bonus Idea: Need a tree but the thought of sweeping up pine needles for the next three months somehow doesn’t appeal? A 2D Christmas tree shaped from family photos is the perfect way to have this necessary decor item without the mess! Print off your favourites from family holidays, special moments and even past Christmases and arrange the photos into a pine tree shape for a truly festive feeling.

For all your personalised decorating needs, print it with Fujifilm photo printing this holiday season.