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Ultrasonic Processor SP-900


Ultrasound observation device that is compact and can be used alone.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

A compact ultrasonic probe system with enhanced operability, designed for a more efficient examination.

User-friendly system

This small and lightweight system can be used stand-alone as well as part of an endoscopy system.

Clear images

High-resolution ultrasonic images can be obtained through the digital video signal output and digital correction of the imaging artifacts.

Wide range of probes

Various models with different lengths/diameters/frequencies are available. The new slim type PB2020-M with a shorter rigid section is suitable for examination of the bronchus.

Ultrasonic Processor



AC 100-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption (rated)

0.7-0.5 A


Dimensions (W×H×D)
377×80×480 mm

8.0 kg

Ultrasound image display

Scanning system
Mechanical scanning

Probe type

Scanning mode

  • Product : Ultrasonic processor
  • GMDN: 40761
  • Generic name: General ultrasound imaging system, line-powered

Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probe


Working Length


Outer Diameter*




*Outer Diameter of Insertion portion

  • Product name: Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probe
  • GMDN: 40770
  • Generic name: Surgical ultrasound imaging system transducer


Model Name Working Length Outer Diameter Frequency
P2620-M M Type 2120 mm 2.6 mm 20MHz
P2615-M 15MHz
P2612-M 12MHz
P2620-L L Type 2620 mm 2.6 mm 20MHz
P2615-L 15MHz
P2612-L 12MHz


  • Product name: Probe
  • GMDN: 40770
  • Generic name: Surgical ultrasound imaging system transducer
  • Above models can be connected to SP-900
  • Certain models may not be available in some countries.