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With an OLED monitor, this system supports early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

High image quality provided by ARIETTA 750LE is useful for accurate evaluation of fetal morphology.
The equipment is also accompanied with applications dedicated to observation of fetal hearts to support early diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnancies.


Auto EFW

Assists a smooth measurement of Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW) by analyzing the characteristics of the target and providing automatic setting of the measurement point.


Dual Gate Doppler

Enables observation of Doppler waveforms from two different locations during the same plane. The rhythm of atrial and ventricle contraction can be evaluated more easily than conventional methods in fetal arrhythmia cases.

AutoFHR+/Spatio-temporal Image Correlation (STIC)

The fetal heart rate can be automatically calculated by tracking the movement of the fetal heart from a B mode image in real time. This function is available on the transvaginal transducer as well, so the fetal growth can be assessed from early gestation onwards. Additionally, it is possible to understand the structure of fetal heart stereoscopically by using STIC.


Tracks fetal heart movement from a B mode image and automatically calculates %Fractional Shortening (%FS). Unaffected by a change in the fetal position in the mother's breathing, heart movement can be measured accurately.