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A software that provides cardiovascular analysis tools as well as measurement and reporting.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

New possibilities with cardiovascular ultrasound can be explored with our unique advanced applications

Evaluation of Myocardial wall motion

2DTT(2D Tissue Tracking)*1
2DTT allows to track 2D speckle information automatically and provides quantitative evaluation such as GLS, displacement of the myocardium and volumes.

Auto Strain*2
Auto Strain takes just 3 steps to display a Bull’s eye.

VFM (Vector Flow Mapping)*1

VFM technology visualizes intracardiac blood flow using velocity vectors. Vortex characteristics, quantitative evaluations of shear stress of the cardiovascular wall, and energy loss can all be evaluated using these vectors.

2DTT(2D Tissue Tracking)*1

Auto Strain*2

Vector + Energy loss


Other Applications

Powerful support with a variety of 4D analysis applications

4D Echocardiography

  • *1 is a module of FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation.
  • *2 is a module of TOMTEC-ARENA.