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A premium system with superior image quality, designed for a variety of cardiovascular uses.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

The next level of diagnostic confidence

LISENDO 880LE performs extensive variety of advanced applications that support a broad clinical range.  With efficient support for rapid/accurate diagnosis, treatment guidance, and research opportunities, LISENDO 880LE creates new clinical value.

Cardiac 3D

3D cardiac examination is becoming an essential examination to assess structural heart disease. Diagnostic information is attained at the next level for diagnosis and treatment in cardiac disease. Quality unique to `made-in-Japan' products is achieved in all aspects of image quality, operability, and functionality.

Analysis of Cardiac 3D

The acquired 3D data can be used for different analysis packages, including valve diameter measurement, 3D morphological observation, volume calculation, and tracking.

Dual Gate Doppler with R-R Navigation 

Dual Gate Doppler (DGD) can place two sample gates to detect two waveforms of the same heartbeat, and the combination of PW and TDI is available. It is possible to perform diastolic performance evaluations such as E/e' measurement and TE-e' measurement accurately and stably even in arrhythmia cases by using DGD in combination with R-R Navigation, which automatically detects the appropriate heartbeat for measurement.