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A table-top reader unit with speedy processing and high resolution.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Standard Components

FCR PRIMA T Image Reader (Model: CR-IR 392)

AC power cord

Other System Components

Imaging Plate ST-VI:
35×43cm (14”×17”), 35×35cm (14”×14”), 10”×12”, 8”×10”, 24×30cm, 18×24cm, 15×30cm (Variation)

IP Cassette Type CC:
35×43cm (14”×17”), 35×35cm (14”×14”), 10”×12”, 8”×10”, 24×30cm, 18×24cm, 15×30cm (Variation)

Time Required for IP Feed/Load

Min. 64 sec. (Min. 54 sec.)*1

Processing Capacity

Up to 57 IPs/ hr. (Up to 67 IPs/hr.)*1

Reading Specification

10 pixels /mm, 5 pixels/mm*2

Time to Start on Display

Min. 33 sec.

Time to Print on DRYPIX PRIMA

Approx. 165 sec. (Approx. 155 sec.)*2 in case of 35×43cm

Number of Stacker



10 Base T/100 Base TX

Dimensions (W×D×H)

560×540×392mm (22”×21”×15”)


39kg (86lbs.)

Power Supply Conditions

Single phase 50-60Hz

AC120-240V ±10% 1.9A (max)

Environmental Conditions

Operating Conditions:

  • Temperature: 15-30C
  • Humidity: 15-80%RH (No dew condensation)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 750-1060hPa

This equipment is a Class 1 laser product (IEC60825).

  • *1 When using the Upgrade Kit
  • *2 When using the Upgrade Kit and in the High Speed mode