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FUJIFILM Digital Mammography CAD


Computerized breast cancer detection support system for early detection of breast cancer.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Fujifilm Digital Mammography CAD is a valuable detection support system. Using proprietary algorithms, this CAD system helps detect areas on the breast image that may indicate cancer.

  • * CAD is a diagnosis support system. Interpretations are to be conducted prior to viewing CAD results.

Enhancing efficiency with soft-copy exams

Images are automatically processed by CAD algorithm as they are sent from the FDR/FCR to the Mammography Workstation. With an easy one-touch operation, the CAD results are displayed for the physician’s review.

Superior Clinical Performance

The following contents are introduction of published paper using FUJIFILM Digital Mammography CAD.

Y. Kuroki, et al.; Performance evaluation of the mammography CAD (Computer Aided Detection) on the direct conversion FPD system with a pixel size of 50μm.; ESR European Society of Radiology, EPOS C-0930; 2012   
The content: 90.6% true positive rate with 2.5 false positives for 4 images *1

  • *1 This is an introduction of published paper, thus we can not guarantee the same result for any use. For the details, please contact your subsidiaries.

Increased productivity in reading exams with parallel processing

CAD on multiple images is processed simultaneously. This allows flexibility in system configuration for large volume facilities, by connecting CAD systems to multiple FDR/FCR systems, without affecting the workflow.

  • * FDR: Fujifilm Digital Radiography
  • * FCR: Fuji Computed Radiography

Sample System Configuration

Products Name : FUJIFILM Digital Mammography CAD(Model name : MV-SR657 EG)