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6 Photography Challenges You Can Do At Home

It’s highly likely that you’re spending more time at home with the family right now. Instead of getting cabin fever or scouring Netflix for a new series you haven’t watched yet, let’s embrace these times and appreciate getting to spend more time together as a family. 

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10 Ways to Show off Your Photos

Over the years you have probably amassed hundreds, if not thousands of photos, right? You may even have 2,000 sitting right there on your phone, all unique memories, just waiting to be brought to life!

Yes, you can print your photos, but here are 10 ways you can really show off all those happy memories.

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A day at the beach

A trip to the seaside gives you the perfect opportunity to get some memorable shots of your children. Presented with acres of sand to run around on and rock pools to explore, they’ll be far more interested in enjoying themselves than in you taking pictures. Queue candid photoshoot!

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