AIRIS™ Vento

The affordable open MRI system which boasts new solutions for speed and automation.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Open design – Patient Comfort

AIRIS Vento offers an expansive, panoramic open aspect designed to reduce patient anxiety and provide a comfortable examination environment.

AIRIS Vento’s wide open design offers extraordinar y comfort within calm, scanning atmosphere for a patient friendly experience, relieving anxiety and reducing feelings of claustrophobia. Friends or relatives can accompany the patient offering reassurance throughout the scan.

Floating Table

Designed for comfort, accessibility and isocentric imaging

The lateral slide function allows the floating table to move right and left inside the gantry and the target region can be positioned easily in the centre of the magnetic field. The table can be lowered to a minimum height of 490 mm, allowing easier accessibility for children and elderly patients. The 700 mm wide table top offers patients both comfort and a ‘feel-good’ factor, helping to reduce claustrophobia.

Lateral Slide

Enables high-definition imaging even in off-centered regions

In MRI, traditionally the highest definition in imaging can be obtained at the centre of the gantry. This is due to the high uniformity of the static field and RF radiation strength, along with the high linearity of the gradient magnetic field. AIRIS Vento’s table can be moved laterally (right and left) inside the gantry. Therefore, any region that is out of the midline (shoulder, knee, etc.) can be centralized to the magnetic field.


Allowing the operator to focus on the patient

The adopted footswitch enables hands-free control of the table in the vertical and horizontal direction, allowing the operator to focus on patient care.