A glass-free, lightweight DR panel with a size suitable for orthopedics and pediatrics.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Next generation imaging

A 25 × 30 cm glass-free flexible sensor

High quality image & Low Dosing

ISS system reading technology promotes higher sensitivity

Like FDR D-EVO II, FDR-D-EVO III is Equipped with an indirect conversion system called the ISS method which bonds optical sensors (TFT) to the X-ray irradiation side unlike traditional flatpanel detectores.  This greatly suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-ray signals, creating a sharp image with low X-ray dose.

Synergism between ISS method and flexible film-based TFT detector

By changing the TFT detector of FDR D-EVO III from glass-base to film-base, X-ray transmittance is improved compared to FDR D-EVO II. FDR D-EVO III achieved DQE 58% from 54% (1Lp/mm-RQA5 1mR) by applying a flexible film to a base of the device detector. This unique technology combination is only possible with proprietary ISS technology to fully implement the benefits of film-based detectors. 

Mini & Flexible size

High-Level Protection

Easy-to-clean flat shape

The FDR D-EVO III introduces a flat design and reduced contours, promoting easier and more efficient cleaning.

LED lamps on the front of device for better visualization

LED lamps are equipped on four sides of the front of the detector, for a visual assistance.

  1. Centralizing the device and distinguishing devices
    Equipped with side-center LEDs on four sides of the detector, for easier positioning of the device during imaging. There are five LED colors (blue, pink, orange, lime-yellow and purple), to distinguish different devices for different colors when using multiple devices.
  2. Device status displayed in green
    When the device is ready for X-ray exposure, the LED lights up in green.
  3. Front side identification in white
    It lights up in white to identify the top-side and bottom-side of the detector.

Improved Handling

“SmartSwitch” Technology

Fujifilm developed a technology “SmartSwitch” which allows automatic X-ray detection. With SmartSwitch, FDR D-EVO III no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR power supply unit to automatically detect X-rays and start image creation.

*4 Console Advance

Advanced image processing

3D structure analysis technology to support mobile exam

  • * These image processing is achieved with Console Advance.

Virtual Grid

Provides a high quality image without using a grid

Virtual Grid processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation. Without the need for a grid, Virtual Grid retains high contrast and image sharpness, while preventing the asymmetric density  resulting from misalignment of X-ray tube and detector.*5 

Multiple body parts supported

Dynamic Visualization II

Optimizes image quality using latest Exposure Data Recognizer

Advanced recognition algorithms automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculation of estimated 3D image data.*5

  • *5 Option.

Product Name:FDR D-EVO III (Model number : DR-ID 1800)