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September 2, 2021

Transfer of FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical's Radiopharmaceutical Business to PeptiDream

TOKYO, September 2, 2021 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Teiichi Goto) has announced the transfer of the radiopharmaceutical business of FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. (FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical), a consolidated subsidiary of Fujifilm, to PeptiDream Inc. (PeptiDream). Fujifilm has entered into a share transfer agreement with PeptiDream today, under which all outstanding shares of the newly established company (the new radiopharmaceutical company), to which FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical’s radiopharmaceutical business is succeeded, will be transferred to PeptiDream.
Based on this agreement, Fujifilm will receive a lump sum of 30.5 billion yen*1 and potential contingent payments based on the progress of the succeeded business by PeptiDream. The transfer date is scheduled for March 2022.

Under its medium-term management plan “VISION2023“, Fujifilm is accelerating business growth in healthcare, identifying it as one of its key business fields. Fujifilm is currently expanding its healthcare business in two areas, Medical Systems business that handles medical devices and medical IT, and Life Sciences business that handles Bio CDMO, drug discovery support, and pharmaceutical products.

While optimizing the business portfolio in the Life Sciences business field, Fujifilm has decided that it would be best to transfer FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical's radiopharmaceutical business to PeptiDream for further expansion and growth of such business, which is expected to have synergistic effects on drug discovery in combination with radiopharmaceutical products and PeptiDream’s proprietary peptide drug discovery development technology. FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical's radiopharmaceutical business will be succeeded to the new radiopharmaceutical company established by Fujifilm through absorption-type company split, and all outstanding shares of the new radiopharmaceutical company will be transferred to PeptiDream.

FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical will continue to promote ongoing development of new drugs, and expand the contract manufacturing of antibacterial agents such as penicillin. In addition, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical is promoting contract manufacturing business by leveraging its manufacturing facilities and infrastructure newly established last year for a formulation using lipid nanoparticles*2 (lipid nanoparticle formulation), which is a type of Drug Delivery System (DDS) technology*3. FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical will also contribute to the enhancement of the vaccine production system promoted by the Japanese Government through proactively undertaking process development and manufacturing contracts for mRNA vaccines*4, including candidates for the next-generation of new COVID-19 vaccines, which the company has already received contracts. Furthermore, the company will seek further growth by expanding the contracted area to the field of next-generation pharmaceuticals such as nucleic acid pharmaceuticals*5
Fujifilm will amass its cutting-edge technologies, products and services to provide extensive solutions, thereby contributing to resolving social issues including unmet medical needs and facilitating further development of the healthcare industry.

  • *1 Subject to adjustments depending on the balances of cash, deposits and borrowings at the time of closing and the changes in working capital and etc.
  • *2 A nanoparticle that is composed by using, as a primary ingredient, phospholipid, etc., an organic component of cell membranes and biomembranes.
  • *3 A technology to deliver the necessary amount of drugs to the necessary sites at the necessary timing.
  • *4 Vaccine that produces viral proteins in the body and produces antibodies against them by administering mRNA, which is information on viral proteins.
  • *5 Drug that uses nucleic acids that control genetic information, such as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid), as active ingredients.


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