News Release

September 6, 2023

Fujifilm reinforces production facilities for INSTAX films

4.5 billion JPY capital investment to cater to global demand increase
Increasing production capacity by approx. 20%

TOKYO, September 6, 2023 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) announces a 4.5 billion JPY investment into its Ashigara Site at the Kanagawa Factory in Japan to reinforce production facilities for INSTAX*1 films. The latest move will increase the company’s production capacity for INSTAX films by approx. 20%*2 in order to cater to the global demand increase for the INSTAX Series. The production facilities to be built under the new investment are set to go operational in stages, starting the autumn of 2024.

Fujifilm will continue its efforts to cater to the demand for INSTAX films, which is increasing as a result of expansion in INSTAX product lineup, broadened events and business applications for INSTAX, and collaborations with partner companies. By FY2025, when the new production lines go fully operational, INSTAX films’ production capacity will be approx. 20% more than the current level. Combined with the effects of facility expansion started in 2022, the production capacity will increase by approx. 40% compared to FY2021.

Since its initial launch in 1998, the INSTAX series has expanded its lineup to include analog instant cameras, hybrid instant cameras and smartphone printers, broadening user base covering young people and middle-aged groups. More recently, Fujifilm has introduced a series of INSTAX devices such as the hybrid instant camera “INSTAX mini Evo” (released in 2021), the smartphone printer “INSTAX mini Link 2” (released in 2022) and the analog instant camera “INSTAX mini 12” (released in 2023). The company also offers INSTAX films in the card-sized “mini format”, “SQUARE format”, and “WIDE format” to expand the range of photographic expressions.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the world of the “INSTAX” instant photo system that allows people to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing.

  • *1 INSTAX is registered trademark or trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.
  • *2 Global production capacity for mini, SQUARE and WIDE format INSTAX films in total

Overview of the capital investment

1. Company name

Ashigara Site, Kanagawa Factory, FUJIFILM Corporation

2. Address

210 Nakanuma, Minami-Ashigara-shi, Kanagawa, JAPAN

3. Total investment

Approx. 4.5 billion JPY

4. Main investments

Building new production lines for INSTAX films, and other accompanying facilities

5. Operation commencement

Due to go operational in stages, starting in the autumn of 2024


The “INSTAX” series of instant cameras, launched in 1998, marks its 25th anniversary in November 2023. Originating from Japan, INSTAX has evolved into a global brand marketed in over 100 countries worldwide. As described in the brand’s global tagline “don’t just take, give.” INSTAX turns photos from something you “take” to something you “give.” INSTAX is enjoyed by people around the world, especially the younger generation, not only for their ability to print a precious moment on the spot but also as a new communication tool or tool of self expression for conveying inner sentiments.


The INSTAX Series is evolving with time, embracing trends and technologies, to broaden its product lineup. The customer base is rapidly increasing with the expansion of product lineup, including analog instant cameras, hybrid instant cameras that are equipped with a rear monitor and allow users to choose a picture to print, and smartphone printers for easy printing of images in a smartphone. INSTAX films are available in the card-sized “mini format”, “SQUARE format”, and “WIDE format” to expand the range of photographic expressions.

The INSTAX Biz, an app that allows the use of custom design templates at events, has spread INSTAX’s application scope to the business territory. It has already been used for over 100 events in 60 countries around the world.

Fujifilm has actively promoted INSTAX collaboration in far-reaching fields globally including fashion, music, sports and games. In sports, the company has sponsored the international breaking competition, “FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters,” for broadly appealing the value of INSTAX.


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