April 5, 2022

Fujifilm’s partnership with print solutions provider MCA Digital facilitates the introduction of the Revoria Press PC1120 to the Italian market, as well as enhancing the profile of Fujifilm’s Acuity range and Jet Press 750S

Fujifilm forms strategic partnership with MCA Digital to boost digital print profile and sales in Italy

Fujifilm has formed an extensive strategic partnership with MCA Digital, a highly respected print solutions provider in Italy. Fujifilm’s new Revoria Press PC1120 is a particular focus of the relationship, with MCA Digital’s salesforce and contact network ideally placed to launch this machine into the Italian market. 

MCA Digital received its first Revoria Press PC1120 in January 2022 and hosted a three-day Open House event in February at its headquarters in Campodarsego.  Live demonstrations of the press were given at the event, which was attended by Fujifilm representatives, as well as local print businesses. MCA Digital made its first Revoria Press PC1120 sale in February 2022.

The company will also sell the Acuity Prime flatbed wide format printer, the Jet Press 750S and the Acuity Ultra R2 on behalf of Fujifilm.

Alberto Agostini, Equipment and Service Director at MCA Digital, comments:

“Fujifilm is a great company to work with. MCA has always been committed to promoting solutions related to sustainability and a greener environment, as well as looking for innovative solutions for the market and its customers. MCA has found in Fujifilm the ideal partner to complete its portfolio offering. We look forward to continuing our partnership – which is already proving successful – with Fujifilm.”

Mark Lawn, Head of POD Solutions Europe, adds:

“MCA Digital is a fabulous partner with exceptional skills and experience in selling applications that add real value to its customers' businesses. The Revoria digital toner press is the perfect product to be added to the company’s showroom, given its unrivalled range of applications, which are enabled by best-in-class media handling and the unique six colour options available.”

Kevin Jenner, European Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems comments:

“A lot of work has gone into the redevelopment of our Acuity range of wide format printers. Redesigned from the ground up – with a particular focus on ROI and ease-of-use – this range has huge potential, and finding the right local partners to help us reach the right customers, in every region, is crucial. I’m delighted that MCA Digital has agreed to be one of those vital local partners.”

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