42K Printbar System


The system can seamlessly integrate into your current operation and offer the benefit of digital printing to your clients.

Key Features and Benefits 

Fujifilm's dedication to the success of its customers in production environments has resulted in an inkjet printing system with high uptimeproductivity and quality, which can seamlessly integrate into your current operation and offer the benefit of digital printing to your clients.


Fujifilm's add-on and imprinting solutions are key ingredients for digitizing your conventional equipment with high quality inkjet printing. Adding digital inkjet to conventional equipment reduces multiple process steps thus reducing waste during setup enabling just-in-time printing with less overage.  

Moreover, as compared with most legacy continuous inkjet solutions, Fujifilm’s inkjet reliability requires less spare equipment inventory and no printhead refurbishment, thus reducing costly upkeep.

High up time

The FUJIFILM 42k Printbar System leverages Fujifilm’s patented REDIJET® ink recirculation system. This system ensures that ink is constantly recirculating in a closed loop that will not disrupt printing within the system. As a result, the system provides key benefits such as:

  • Faster startup and restart time 
  • Simplified printhead cleaning procedures based on a proprietary non-wetting coating
  • Printhead has no wear mechanism and is rated for trillions of actuations


Single pass, high-speed, high-volume applications require compact and productive solutions. The FUJIFILM 42K Printbar System delivers print speed that can exceed 1000 feet per minute (300 meters per minute) and can be configured to meet typical web-fed press widths as well as typical finishing or production lines.


The silicone MEMS design of our FUJIFILM Samba printhead is rated for trillions of actuations for profitable operation. Coupled with the REDIJET® patented ink recirculation system, this ensures uninterrupted production with limited downtime and no need for printhead refurbishment. The fluid management system is compact and delivers printing fluids with consistent quality.

The FUJIFILM Samba printhead used in the 42K Printbar System has 1200 DPI and 32 rows of nozzles, which provides not only high image quality, but also robust image quality over time.  Robust image quality can be very advantageous over long print runs.  With some technologies, in the event of a lost nozzle, an imperfection is immediately perceptible even in simple types of images such as bar codes and text.  Samba’s 1200 DPI and 32 rows of nozzles per printhead give the system enough spot redundancy to be unaffected in the event of some nozzle losses over time. 


Our FUJIFILM 42K Printbar System is capable of printing at 1200x1200 dpi as well as 1200x600 and 1200x300. The system is capable of printing in black, spot color, process color, and specialty configurations as needed for your application. 
With a parallelogram printhead design, the system offers seamless cross-web single-pass printing with no need to stitch individual printbars, all within a compact design. Its printbar alignment is performed during assembly and is ready to output details such as 2-point text and high fidelity barcodes and grayscale images. This, in addition to an optimized fluid management system, results in consistency across the print web.


The FUJIFILM 42K Printbar system is designed with print producers in mind to enable maximum benefit from your existing investments in analog presses, feeding equipment, and finishing equipment. With printers that can be integrated in line with your system, you can maximize your productivity and return on investment while supporting existing, legacy or proprietary workflows. These will be integrated into our print controller and fluid management system and deliver a compact and capable system to meet your needs for monochrome, color, or specialty printing.

  • Printbars are designed to fit the width of your web press
  • No repositioning and stitching of printhead is required 
  • Support exiting, legacy, or unique production workflows and file formats


Our system integration team leverages the expertise from Fujifilm’s world-renowned printhead developers and ink chemists, who together bring you the best of Fujifilm’s experience and technology. Our teams will assist you in selecting a design that is best suited to meet your production and business needs – from the printing hardware to our customizable user interface that can accommodate your legacy, or proprietary workflow.

To ensure your system performs at its best, our services and subsystems include all the necessary elements for uninterrupted production, including configurable options such as:

Image compensation
Rotating Head Assembly
Automatic Image Insetting
Additional advanced options
  • Automatic nozzle maintenance
  • Splice avoidance
  • Duplex Printing
  • Media transport
  • Various printbar mounts
  • Drying options