LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge

LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge

For use on all LTO Ultrium 9, LTO Ultrium 8, LTO Ultrium 7, LTO Ultrium 6, LTO Ultrium 5, LTO Ultrium 4, LTO Ultrium 3, LTO Ultrium 2 and most LTO Ultrium 1 drives*.

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Tips - Fujifilm's Guide to Backup

What is Back-Up?
Back-up is the single best way for PC users to protect themselves from the loss of important and irreplaceable information that is stored on the hard drive of their computer. Smart PC users regularly back-up newly-generated files from their computer onto a set of disks or data tapes for safe keeping.

Determining Your Back- Up Needs
Before investing in back-up software, you need to assess your personal computing needs. PC users who need to back-up very large amounts of information should consider using data cartridges. If your computing needs include network communications with other PCs or if you run a small business and process large volumes of information on your hard drive, data cartridges fit the bill.

Data cartridges, much like the tape cassettes used in an audio tape recorder, are placed into a computers back-up tape drive and can be conveniently stored in a safety deposit box or locked drawer.

8 Reasons to Back-Up

  • Hard Drive Crashes - Your files are lost due to a system or electrical failure.
  • Human Error - You accidentally delete a file or reformat a disk.
  • Hackers - Someone tampers with the information on your computer.
  • Viruses - Your hard drive or disks become electronically "infected".
  • Theft - Someone copies or deletes information from your computer or steals the whole unit.
  • Natural Disasters - A fire or flood destroys your computer and hard drive.
  • Power Surges - A sudden oversupply of electric power damages the files on your hard drive.
  • Magnetic Interference - Your floppy disk comes in contact with magnetic materials, such as paperclip holders, and files are erased.

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