Zünd Digital Cutting Systems

Zünd Digital Cutting Systems

Zünd cutters are based on a uniquely modular design concept that makes these cutting systems extremely flexible and easy to integrate in any production environment.

Find out how Zünd can enhance your cutting/finishing productivity with innovative cutting solutions that are both powerful and future proof.

Zünd G3 Series – Versatility & adaptability

Zünd G3 systems are the perfect platform for the wide range of substrates and applications most printers are confronted with these days. Purchase only the tools and material-handling automation you need—you can always add more as you increase your volume and expand your product offerings. 

Zünd S3 Series – Speed & efficiency

Zünd S3 systems offer a somewhat smaller footprint than G3, which allows them to fit into e.g. tight packaging design & prototyping areas. They are also uniquely designed for applications that benefit from high-speed processing, such as digitally printed fabric and other rolled materials. Just like G3, they offer a range of automation and material-handling options including robotic pick & place.

Zünd D3 Series – Best-in-class productivity

With two beams operating simultaneously, the Zünd D3 is capable of doubling your productivity. Especially when paired with robotic material handling, such as Zünd’s fully automated BHS150 Board Handling System, the D3 offers reliable, non-stop automation with minimal personnel requirements for digital cutting at an industrial level.