Acuity Inks

Acuity Inks


Uvijet Digital UV inks are designed for Piezo Drop-on-Demand print heads, developed for use on the Inca and Acuity series of wide format printers. The inks offer superb dot reproduction, bright vivid colors and provide similar finishing characteristics as any other display UV screen ink system from FUJIFILM. Uvijet’s unique Micro-V dispersion technology to maximize pigment loading, the Uvijet range of inks delivers strong vibrant colors for a variety of applications.

Support & Downloads

Uvijet KA Series

Uvijet KI Series

Uvijet KL Series

Uvijet KL

PDF: 499KB

Uvijet KN Series

Uvijet KO Series

Uvijet KV Series

Uvijet KV

PDF: 349KB

Uvijet LF Series

Uvijet LF

PDF: 876KB

Uvijet LL Series

Uvijet RL Series

Uvijet RL

PDF: 853KB

Uvijet WF Series

Uvijet WH Series

Uvijet WI Series