Pressroom Supplies - Chemicals

Pressroom Supplies - Chemicals


We represent a variety of pressroom suppliers, designed to bring you the best of what you need everyday

Specialty Chemicals

They are not used every day but your pressroom needs them – those specialty cleaners, pastes and gums that keep the pressroom running. Used during press maintenance, in the middle of that critical job when a customer is watching and during clean up when you have that chance to keep your press running trouble free for the upcoming job or week.


Fujifilm manufacturers many of the specialty chemicals we offer. We also partner with scores of vendors to offer printers a complete line up of those little used items that every pressroom needs: scratch removers when that plate inevitably gets scratched on press – we’ve even got on-the-fly product that allow you to desensitize the scratch without stopping the press; calcium fighters to help eliminate the blinding , stripping and help get the most from your rollers; roller cleaning pastes to get that deep clean, velvety feel back in your rollers; chrome roller cleaners, gums, anti-static additives, etc. The list goes on and on. If you use it, there is a good chance we carry that special chemical that will make your day that much easier. Just ask your local Fujifilm representative the next time the visit.

We’ve also got a full line-up of aerosol products that you team uses every day; both private labeled Signature brands and those name brands you’ve used for years.