ColorPath Verified

Web-based color quality dashboard


ColorPath Verified is the integrated website and support for CGS's ORIS Certified Web client. Certified Web measures and verifies actual data against a desired target, and the ColorPath Verified website records, tracks and reports on various output devices, color targets, accuracy and data trends.


At a Glance

  • Web based color quality dashboard
  • Job color analysis
  • Color monitoring and support
  • Track trends and key performance indicators


  • Web-based for access anywhere and security of data
  • Color analysis website
  • Color reporting tools
  • E-mail notification of color errors
  • Fujifilm remote color support
  • Verification of measurement data to desired target data
  • Creation of verification label
  • Measure temperature and humidity
  • Integrates with ORIS Certified Web for standalone plating or proofing measurements, or automated proofing with ORIS Color Tuner Web and Epson proofing engines with inline spectrophotometers


Supported Client Software
Below is a list of supported measurement client software, which connect to CPV.
EFI Colorproof XF 4.1 Auto Measurement
ORIS Certified Web from CGS
Fujifilm Environmental Measurement Client
Measurement Devices Supported

X-Rite i1
X-Rite i1/iO
X-Rite iSis
X-Rite icPlate 2 (Windows only)
Techkon RS800 (Windows only)
Techkon SpectroJet (Windows only)
Techkon SpectroDrive (Windows only)
Techkon SpectroDens (Windows only)
Manual plate entry
Epson SpectroProofer

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