Frontier DL600

Dry Minilab

Frontier DL600


Leading edge technologies enable the output of high quality images, along with stable image quality and user-friendly design.

Five Color Ink System
Comparison of 4 color ink to 5 color ink of child portrait


Stable high-quality prints achieved by automatic nozzle check function

Automatic nozzle check function verifies the nozzle condition and automatically cleans clogged up nozzles to avoid prints with defective images being produced. Besides, the function enables easy maintenance.

Minimum banding with highly accurate paper feeding

A newly-developed, highly accurate paper feeding system minimizes banding.

Enhanced roller cleaning capability
– easy operation for shop staff

Exclusive cleaning sheet enables easy cleaning operations. No need to call in specialists.

Easily Clean DL 600 with cleaning sheet
Size of DL 600 comparison
Operational Panel showing Ink levels

Front operation panel

Versatile features respond to a variety of customer needs

Ability to handle paper sizes up to 12 × 48” (305 × 1,219 mm), and side sorter (capacity up to ten orders, print sizes up to 8 × 12” (203 × 305 mm) enables photo shops to respond to customers’ sophisticated and diversifying requirements. 

2 × 48” (305 × 1,219 mm)
Easily Organize Photos with sorter on DL600