Mobile digital RX equipment

[photo] FDR Nano

Mobile digital X-ray equipment for performing radiographic examinations in ICUs and open units. Dimensions: 600 mm wide, 770 mm long and 1460 mm high. Weight of 90 kg. Mounted on four rubber casters that can slide in any direction and rotate on the axis itself. Main Characteristics: Thermal protection of the X-ray tube connected to the firing system, including filament; Nominal power of 2.5 kW; Tube voltage from 40 to 100 kV, with steps of 1 kV; Maximum tube current of 35 mA; Tube tension accuracy of ± 10%; Exposure time of 0.01 - 1 s; With variable mAs in the range of 0.25 mAs to 25 mAs; Spiraled trigger cable with double stage button (preparation and firing) of 3.0 m in length; System connected to the generator; Stationary anode X-ray tube; Maximum anode thermal capacity of 35 kJ (50 kHU); Maximum anode thermal dissipation of 250 W (350 HU / s); 1.2 mm nominal focal point, 16 degree target angle; Manual collimator with adjustable light field indicating the area to be irradiated; Electronic timer of 30 s; Articulated arm; Equipped with a water-resistant detector, size 35 x 43 cm or 43 x 43 cm or 24 x 30 cm, 150µm pixel, 16-bit grayscale resolution. Acquisition station: with 12-inch LCD monitor and touch screen integrated into the main unit, storage of approximately 3000 HD images, has dicom print, storage and worklist. It allows the visualization of the pre image after the exposure, adjustment of brightness and contrast, magnification (zoom) and enhancement of the edges of the images. It allows the operator to configure the protocol by anatomical region and combinations of radiographic techniques with blocking for values above the characteristic curve of the tube. It has a display for battery charge control and communication with the detector. It has a battery with duration of 12 hours. Equipment has an on and off switch; It also has visual alerts to identify system failures; Construction characteristics: equipment with a high resistance housing that allows complete cleaning and disinfection. Power supply 100 - 240 V, single-phase, connection via simple 3-pin socket, according to ABNT 14136.