Digital mammography with integrated detector (DR) with direct conversion technology for image acquisition by an amorphous selenium flat panel detector (a-Se). Equipment prepared for future insertion of the breast tomosynthesis option. Isocentric movements of +/- 190°, high frequency generator, multipulse, microprocessor, tungsten rotary anode. Anode thermal storage capacity of 300,000 hu. Tube thermal storage capacity of 500,000 hu. KV range: 22 to 49 kV in 1 kV increments. 65 cm film focus distance, motorized and automatic breast compression device, automatic or manual breast decompression; beryllium window, 0.3 mm focal points for routine incidence and 0.1 mm for magnification, automatic exposure control (operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual) and protocols with automatic responses optimized for digital mammography: it has rotary target (anode) of Tungsten (W) and Rhodium (Rh) and Aluminum (Al) filters. Detector activated area 24 x 30 cm. Automatic collimation according to the size of the compressor. This equipment makes it possible to examine patients in the positions: standing, sitting or lying down. Tube voltage accuracy: maximum deviation of 1 kV. Pixel size of 50 micro meters, bit depth: 14 bits.

The following accessories are included with this equipment: bucky with grid, 24 x 30 cm compressor, factor 1.8 magnification platform, compressor for magnification, compressor for locating detail (spot) for magnification, compressor for finding detail (spot) facial protection device, lead glass with 0.5 mm Pb, dual-function pedal (compressor and C-arm) and dedicated phantom for quality control of digital mammography (registered with Anvisa). Acquisition station with 2 Mega Pixel monitor, with compatible keyboard, monitor and computer.

Software dedicated to the review of mammography images, with a 5MP dual monitor registered with ANVISA, with all the resources available for the processing and manipulation of image parameters, such as: zoom, distance measurements, image rotation and mirror function, image adjustment brightness and contrast, configuration of reading protocols, image inversion, text annotations, density and automatic image display according to the projection. It has a functional keyboard with the main system manipulation tools.