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Pressure Image Analysis App

FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile

The app that enables any user to quantify pressure and other analysis results with ease.

FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile Manual

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FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile latest Ver.

Content of latest version update

  • By tapping 'AUTO' button on the inspection frame setting screen, specimens can be searched for from the analyzed image and a rectangular inspection frame can be automatically set for each specimen.
  • An 'Insp.Frame(Horizontal)' has been added. This enables the app to correct colored specimen horizontally when exporting MPa map if the colored specimen is in rectangular shape.
Inspection menu registration
  • The display order of the inspection menu, inspection history and deleted inspection menus has been changed to descending order (newest on top). 
Inspections / Settings
  • Areas outside the area are now displayed in grey on the inspection frame setting screen.
  • The number of inspection frames that can be set has been increased from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 20.
  • The characters used to indicate the pressure values in the colour bar have been enlarged.
  • The colour bar image and analysis image output when saving a file are now combined into a single output.
  • A new change method has been added for the inspection frames displaying analysis results, whereby swiping the analysis results switches the displayed inspection frames in order.
  • Standard deviation" has been added to the measurement result items.
Settings screen
  • When setting an item for automatic judgement, the enable / disable of the upper / lower limits can now also be switched automatically by changing the enable / disable of the use / not use option.
  • For pressure map files when saving files, it is now possible to output only the inspection frame area as the range of the map to be output. In the settings, it is possible to select whether the conventional 'whole' output or only the 'inspection frame' is output.
  • For the selection of items to be saved as files, the image file option can now be selected separately for reading images and analysis images.
Inspection menu registration
  • 5LW has been added to the usable Prescale products. 
  • Specified pressure area and specified pressure area ratio have been added to the automatic judgment items. Also, it is now possible to set up to 3 auto-judgment conditions (AND conditions).
  • Pressures below the set pressure value can now be invalidated when analyzing. 
  • It is now possible to set a circular inspection frame. 
  • Added the function to divide one rectangular frame into 9 parts.
  • For rectangular and circular inspection frames, it is now possible to set the size of the frame numerically and change its size. For rectangular frames, it is now possible to set and change the anchor position using coordinates.
  • The color bar is now displayed on the left side of the screen even on the inspection frame setting screen. 
Output / Setting
  • It is now possible to change the resolution of the pressure map output to a file app on the settings screen.