Core Technologies

Redox Control Technology

Technology to control ongoing organic/inorganic compound reactions

  • A balance of high reactivity (high sensitivity and selectivity) with stability (storage before use and stability post-reaction)

  • Synergistic use of wide-ranging technologies for application to diverse materials and products

Instant Photography Technologies (Cheki)

[image] Instant Photography Technologies (Cheki)

Photograph generation is a series of reactions triggered by redox reactions that transform silver halide into metallic silver. Instant cameras include a photo generation mechanism inside a small card, and are a mixture of redox control technologies developed over extensive experience with photographic technology.

Reactive Oxygen Control Technologies

[image] Reactive Oxygen Control Technologies

Using “Reactive Oxygen Control” technologies - developed to preserve photo prints against color blurring - as a means of preventing skin oxidation from ultraviolet light, we have expanded into the cosmetics sector.
At present, we hold over 4,000 types of antioxidant ingredients, and put these to use freely.