Application examples by industry type



This is a collection of examples of semiconductor.
Five examples of CMP polishing, Backgrind tape lamination roller, Suction jig for die bonding, Wafer bonding equipment thermocompression bonds and Vacuum heat pressure devices are posted.

Table of contents

(1) Verifying CMP polishing head contact uniformity

Industry: Semiconductor production
Challenges: Insufficient accuracy or defective products occur frequently because of the production continues despite unresolved instances of poor polishing or other issues including inadequate contact precision.
Benefits of Prescale: Quality improve, Time saving

(2) Verifying backgrind tape lamination pressure uniformity

Industry: Semiconductor Production
Challenges: If the lamination roller pressure distribution is not uniform, the backgrind tape can become wrinkled.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvement

(3) To reduce mistakes when removing and transporting chips in suction jig for die bonding

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturing (die bonding)
Challenges: It the suction nozzle is not applied evenly to the semiconductor chips, problems may occur when the chips are removed, or the chips may become flawed.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of low quality product loss, Material loss

(4) Ensuring high-quality thermocompression bonding by the application of uniform pressure

Industry: Manufacturing (e.g., Bonding equipment, MEMS, Silicon wafers, Compound semiconductors, CMOS image sensors)
Challenges: If the pressure applied to bond the wafers or substrates is not constant, problems such as defective sealing, uneven bonding strength, and pattern width unveness may occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce the adjustment time and effort for investigating the cause

(5) Verification of pressure uniformity of vacuum heat pressure devices

Industry: Electronic components, OLEDs, Touchscreens, Print circuit boards, Equipment such as semiconductors that are used as manufacturing and development machines
Challenges: The devices are expected or required to maintain as uniform surface pressure as long as possible to improve the quality of processed products.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of pressure failure or yield, Quality improvement