November 3, 2021

Fujifilm expands into veterinary business with acquisition of French company DMV Imaging and is launching FUJIFILM VET Systems France S.A.S.

FUJIFILM Europe aims to expand its customer portfolio with products and services for veterinary diagnostic with the acquisition of French distribution company DMV Imaging. 

For 31 years DMV Imaging has specialised in providing veterinary point-of-care laboratory diagnostics, with headquarters in Lyon, France.
With this acquisition, Fujifilm aims to develop a leading veterinary diagnostics company in France, providing a comprehensive diagnostics solution including not only point-of care laboratory diagnostics but a range of various imaging diagnostic solutions, for servicing millions of pets through veterinarians. The company's strategic advice will be geared towards business development to support its customer base and the enhancement of services and products available, particularly to clinical laboratories. 

Fujifilm intends to significantly expand the diagnostics business, which represents the Group's primary growth driver. For some time now, through our comprehensive diagnostic solutions, we have aimed to support veterinarians in the early diagnosis of animal diseases and contribute to their early treatment.

Mr. Masaharu Fukumoto, Senior Vice President FUJIFILM Europe GmbH Medical Systems Division

This acquisition enables Fujifilm to have more direct contact with veterinarians and veterinary healthcare professionals to further strengthen its diagnostic solution portofolio as well as services capability, toward the Japanese multinational’s growth strategy as a market leader.

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Luana Porfido, European Head of Corporate Communication and Integration Chief, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH