Health is one of the most important topics at the forefront of people’s minds. It is imperative to establish medical infrastructure that enables access to medical services for everyone, to promote improvement in the quality of medical care, and to create a society that puts health first, with emphasis on prevention and earlier detection of disease. Fujifilm started manufacturing X-ray films in 1936, soon after its establishment. Today, we are engaged in business in a wide range of areas, encompassing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We will never stop in our efforts to create and innovate for a healthier world. By bringing together our unique technologies, products, and services, we will continue to solve the various issues surrounding healthcare and contribute to further improving its level of quality and the health of people.

Our Picture Archiving and Communication Systems(PACS) have long supported medical professionals in making prompt and accurate diagnoses by centrally managing and analyzing vast amounts of data obtained from various medical diagnostic imaging devices.

We have newly added CT and MRI systems to bolster our lineup of diagnostic equipment and realize an even broader product portfolio. By linking various diagnostic equipment in medical institutions with PACS, we will leverage the most advanced image processing and AI technologies to support doctors' diagnosis at a higher level.

We aim to contribute to people's health with innovative solutions for diagnostic imaging.

We apply our expertise in nanotechnology and other proprietary technologies in the fight against infectious disease and other unmet medical needs.

We’re also contributing to medical advancements of our partners, by supplying critical raw materials essential in the development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and we provide pharmaceutical clients with contract development and manufacturing services using our state-of-the-art technologies and facilities.