FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Major Activities for Environment in FY 2020

CO2Emissions and Other Results

Key CSR Indicators on the Environment (Please refer to page 2.)

Specific Initiatives

Release of New Products

In August 2020, we released ApeosPort C7070, C6570, C5570, C4570, C3570, C3070, and C2570. These products were ranked as "Gold" under the Fujifilm Group's Green Value Product Certification Program.

Resource Recycling

In the Asia-Pacific region, we began to recycle consumables instead of landfilling them. This has improved our resource recycling rate. We will continue to recycle waste and resources by observing laws and regulations of each country/region and valuing safety and hygiene, aiming to achieve the reduction of our environmental impact and maintain and improve nearly zero waste (≧99.5%).

Making Use of the Certificate of Green Power

Making use of the certificate of green power (issued by Japan Natural Energy Co., Ltd.), we used renewable energy for the following initiatives.

  • Power consumed by printers (for two years) of customers who introduced Iridesse TM Production Press

Environmental Awards

Encouragement Prize Granted to IridesseTM Production Press in the 3rd EcoPro Awards
In December 2020, IridesseTM Production Press won the encouragement award in the 3rd EcoPro Awards, which was hosted by Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO).The EcoPro Awards is a program in which awards are granted to products and services with excellent environmentally friendly features, as an initiative to help build a sustainable society.
The award was granted to IridesseTM Production Press in recognition of the following two points. One is the achievement of both high image quality and low environmental impact, which was enabled by combining the industry's first six-color print engine to be capable of printing images by using gold and silver toners under CMYK toners, with a unique color management system featuring improved reproducibility of metallic colors and toners that fuse quickly at low temperatures. The other point is the fact that development of this product commenced in relation to FUJIFILM Business Innovation's CSR activity of replicating ancient documents.

Certificate of the encouragement award in the 3rd EcoPro Awards

DocuCentre-VII C3372 Certified as a Green Design Product by the Government of China
In September 2020, DocuCentre-VII C3372 was certified as a Green Design Product by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Highly evaluated for its design that facilitates recycling, energy efficiency, and quiet performance, the product is the first multifunction device from a non-Chinese company to obtain this certification.