FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Measures for “Environment” Taken to Achieve SVP2030

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Materiality (Priority Issues)

  • Reduce environmental impacts in the business processes (with a focus on reducing COemissions and on enhancing the management of chemical substances)
  • Provide customers with products and services that help reduce their environmental impact (with a focus on providing energy-saving products and services and on contributing to resource recycling)
  • Continue sustainable paper procurement

Related SDGs

Our Approach

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society, all employees of FUJIFILM Business Innovation will make a concerted effort to reduce environmental impacts and solve environmental issues.

Major Activities in FY2020

Key CSR Indicators

  • Whole-life-cycle CO2 emissions of FUJIFILM Business Innovation products
  • CO2 emissions at FUJIFILM Business Innovation business facilities
  • Contribution to CO2 reduction at customers' offices
  • Water usage in manufacturing process
  • Reduction of new resource inputs in manufacturing process by reusing parts
  • Resource recycling rate for recovered end-of-life products
  • Percentage of FSC®-certified paper in paper products

Activities report of Fujifilm Group

FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report 2021 (Management Performance: 3.1 Environmental Policy and Management System)

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