FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Promote Recycling of Resources

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Integrated Recycling System

Company-wide Product Recycle Policy

Promoting Reuse of Resources for infinite “Zero Landfill”

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has established above company-wide product recycling policy in 1995 and has been conducting activities.

Based on the conception that "used products are valuable resources, not waste," FUJIFILM Business Innovation has carried out a resource recycling system (product recycling) to fulfill its social responsibility to reduce environmental burdens throughout the life cycles of its products.
This system is composed of three concepts, with the main concept being the Closed-Loop System, where used products are effectively used as resources. The other two concepts include Inverse Manufacturing, which aims to create products under the premise of reusing parts in order to minimize environmental impact, and Zero Emissions, where parts that cannot be reused are separated and recycled to be utilized again as new materials.

Inverse Recycling System

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is fostering the reuse in successor models of parts removed from collected end-of-life products for the multigenerational use of parts.
We also set guidelines to ensure and expand the reuse of parts in products. Specifically, product designers and parts/material manufacturers are encouraged to contribute to the reuse of parts based on our recycling-oriented design guidelines and our recycling-oriented procurement guidelines, respectively. We also included the reduced use of specified hazardous chemical substances in our “Green Procurement Standards”to decrease the use of such substances at the design stage.

Closed-Loop System

Under the closed-loop system, which is based on the reuse of parts, we are making use in new products of parts removed from collected end-of-life products on the precondition that the parts meet strict quality standards.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Closed-Loop System

Zero Emissions

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is working to make more effective use of resources, giving first priority to the reuse of parts. For resources that cannot be reused as parts, we are fostering reuse as materials for products. For resources that cannot be reused even as materials, we sort them into up to 44 types in Japan and about 80 types outside the country. Some of the sorted resources are sent to companies specializing in material recycling, while others are used as a heat source in thermal recycling. By establishing a recycling system, including networks with recycling partners, we are aiming to achieve zero emissions with no landfill waste.

Promotion of reuse of used cartridges

Since 1994, we have been promoting the reuse of used toner cartridges, drum cartridges, and waste toner bottles to reduce the burden on the global environment, including global warming and resource depletion.
We collect cartridges and other items used by our customers, and while actively reusing reusable parts, we guarantee the same level of quality as new products in terms of function and performance, so that our customers can use them with confidence.
Since fiscal 2021, in order to further promote resource recycling, we have relaxed the appearance standards for discoloration and scratches caused by multiple use to the extent that they do not affect product quality, such as safety, function, or performance.
We will continue to actively promote reuse and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society with the understanding of our customers.

Curbing the Generation of Waste in the Business Process

Waste Reduction at Development and Manufacturing Sites

We reduce waste targeted various productivity improvements both in and outside of Japan as part of efforts to reduce waste per production volume. We also move forward with production process improvements and efforts to recycle waste into valuable materials. With the goal of achieving further reductions, these efforts will continue.

Waste Management at Offices

FUJIFILM Business Innovation conducts appropriate waste management at offices (non-production facilities), just as we do at our production facilities, for the effective utilization of resources used in our business.
At office facilities in Japan, we digitized the manifests (industrial waste management surveys), and are furthering our efforts to improve the compliance level of our industrial waste management. At our office facilities overseas, we make sure that waste management is in accordance to the various country's laws and regulations and is appropriate to the local infrastructure. We will continue to make sure waste management is conducted with compliance as a premise.

Activities to Reduce Use of Packaging Materials in Logistics

As part of our efforts toward conservation, we are promoting the returning and recycling of packaging materials used during transport of our products. Since fiscal 2012, we have worked to limit the use of packaging materials to less than 17,000 tons by using durable returnable containers and through other efforts. In addition to continuing to expand the range of products that can be transported using returnable packaging, we will explore systems that make practical use of recycled and reused packaging

Reducing the Water Usage at Manufacturing Process

Considering that the production stages account for most of the water used by FUJIFILM Business Innovation, since 2009, we have sought to reduce water use at production sites in Japan and overseas.