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Contribution to work style that Fujifilm Business innovation aims at

Fujifilm Business innovation has declared its intention to make a major contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 “Decent work and economic growth”. Having set this as a goal to target over the long term, we will expedite efforts to accomplish one of the pillars of our Mission Statement: “Build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge” under the concept of “Smart Work Innovation.”Note1 In specific terms, we aim to create a society where people can demonstrate creativity and engage in fulfilling work by providing a communication environment in which they can safely and easily use the information and knowledge they need in the optimal format and share it with anybody, anytime and anywhere.

To achieve that aim we need to free people from the simple, repetitive tasks and the burgeoning range of information that impede creative work. We must also create an environment in which anybody can make use of the knowledge and expertise of specialists. Fuji Xerox will draw on the technologies it has cultivated to date, including knowhow relating to text analysis, natural language processing, and remote monitoring to automate work processes and systematize specialist knowledge relating to our customers’ operations. In this way, we will dramatically improve our customers’ productivity and facilitate the usage and continuity of specialist know-how. We will, moreover, transform our multifunction devices from machines that simply scan and print document-based information as so far into portals that use sensors to collect all kinds of data about people, objects, and the environment within a workplace and converting it into valuable information. Thus our multifunction devices will automatically provide information that supports decision-making in line with the individual’s working situation, guiding people toward more creative ways of working.

Fujifilm Business innovation has cultivated a range of competitive strengths. These include an excellent customer base and relationships of trust forged by our ability to solve customers' issues, knowledge and experience in business operations gained in the process of transforming customers' operations, and sales and support systems that respond to a wide range of their needs. In addition to these strengths, we intend to further bolster our advanced technology business, including artificial intelligence (AI) and, the Internet of Things (IoT), to respond to new needs, thereby contributing to our customers’ businesses and to sustained development of society.

  • Note1 For the details of Smart Work Innovation, please see here.

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