FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Measures for “Work Style,” “Health” and “Daily Life” Taken to Achieve SVP2030

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Materiality (Priority Issues)

Approach Through Business Activities

  • Expand solutions and services that help people to enhance their productivity and demonstrate creativity.
  • Build a resilient social infrastructure to respond to a range of risks, including information security risks.
  • Promote services and solutions to help solve regional issues such as the labor shortage.
  • Provide products and services with the quality and pricing needed by each society.

Engagement with Employees

  • Foster the employment, retention and development of personnel who can think and act independently and contribute to innovation.
  • Promote work style innovation as well as diversity & inclusion.
  • Maintain and improve the vitality of employees by promoting health management.

Related SDGs

Approach Through Business Activities

For the achievement of Goal 8 of the SDGs, “Decent Work and Economic Growth,” FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been providing solutions and services that help workers increase their productivity and demonstrate creativity.
In a society where new information and communication technologies are being developed and are attracting attention on a daily basis, we aim to help customers increase their productivity, demonstrate creativity and deal with information security risks. Specifically, we will propose the optimal digitization plans for each customer and operation based on our understanding of the entire gamut of operational processes. We will thereby contribute to solving regional issues such as labor shortage and to generating innovation.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s contribution to “Work Style Innovation”

Examples of Initiatives for Customers

Contributing to customers' work style reforms by enabling teleworking and releasing them from business flows that assume the use of paper documents

Automating Complicated Document Workflows and Reducing Human Error to Allow Workers to Concentrate on Their Core Tasks

Ensuring the Security of Communication: Providing the comfortable, secured, and easy-to-use networks for the diversification of working style

Helping establish new work styles that are free from the constraints of time and place

Aiming to provide customers and society with needed value

In order to make steady contributions to the work style innovation of individual customers and society at large, we need to identify diversifying social needs as well as changes in the social environment. To meet this requirement, FUJIFILM Business Innovation regards customer satisfaction (CS) as an evaluation indicator for the measures taken by the company. We are increasing the value of our products and services and improving our operational processes by using this indicator. Based on interactive communications with customers and through these measures FUJIFILM Business Innovation aims to provide customers and society with products and services that help them solve problems and create new value.

Improvement based on CS evaluation

Received awards for customer satisfaction survey in 2020

  • Earned No.1 rating in the J.D. Power 2020 Color MFP Customer Satisfaction Survey (SM)

Engagement with Employees

Human capital is the property of FUJIFILM Business Innovation. We believe that to remain sustainable, a company needs to take a leading role in responding to societal changes and to employ a diverse range of employees with a variety of personal characteristics and backgrounds, each one of whom is self-reliant and proactive, and motivated to repeatedly take on new challenges. FUJIFILM Business Innovation will continue developing its human resources, providing an environment that will empower all employees to think and act on their own and strive for growth and change.
For specific approaches taken by the company in each field, please refer to the following:

Major activities in FY2020 in Engagement with Employees

Key CSR Indicators

Key CSR Indicators (Please refer to page 1.)

  • Number of serious product incidents
  • Customer Loyalty index based on FUJIFILM Business Innovation CS surveys
  • ”Core Morale” score as employee engagement Indicator
  • Percentage of women in managerial positions
  • Percentage of employment of people with disabilities
  • Annual work hours per employee

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