EP-BB Connection Self-Check Instruction

Checking your EP-BB communication status from the printer’s control panel

1. Press the physical [Log In/Out] button on the Control Panel.  Enter the System Administrators Login ID on the touchscreen and then select [Enter]  

NOTE: The default System Administrator User ID is '11111' 

Step 1

2. Select [Tools] on the Touch Screen

Step 2

3. Select [Maintenance] on the ‘Features column’

Step 3

4. Select [Check EP Connection] on the ‘Features column’

Step 4

5. Select [Check EP Connection]

Step 5

6. If communication is successful, the message below should appear.  Any other message indicates a communication problem

Step 6

NOTE: If failure occurs, it may take up to 5 minutes to show the error message - Refer to next step showing an example of one type of communication failure. 

7. If registration has failed, the below screen will appear.  Note that the error message may vary, and the time it takes to appear will range from seconds up to 5 minutes depending on the type of error.  Any error message simply means there is a communication problem. (A message for successful connection will appear within 45 seconds.  If no message appears for over 1 minute, it is likely there is a communication error)

Step 7

NOTE: It is important to take note of the error code in the bottom left corner as this will assist our FXA Technical support team in resolving the issue.

If you require further support, please contact (852) 2513 2513.