Research Laboratories

In addressing the needs of society and customers, our laboratories continue to pursue new values

The four research centers that lead Wako's research and development were established according to their respective research field. Each laboratory addresses the detailed needs of its specific field and the development speed requirement of the customer. Again, we are highly resolved to meet the challenges that prioritizes developing new and original products.

Research Laboratories

Functional Materials Research Laboratories

The Laboratory Chemicals Division introduces state−of−the−art technology based on organic synthesis technology developed over many years. It engages in reagent development in fields such as environmental analysis, chromatography and organic reagents. The Specialty Chemicals Division conducts research and development on process research, purification technology and analytic technology centering on organic synthesis, in order to provide products that meet advanced quality requirements.

Diagnostics Research Laboratories

Integrating technology in a wide range of fields including analytical chemistry, genetic engineering, cellular engineering, immunochemistry and biochemistry, they conduct research to meet the present−day needs of society, such as reagents for the diagnosis and prevention of cancer, lifestyle diseases infectious diseases.

Life Science Research Laboratories

They focus on research and development of highly original new products, making use of technology in a wide range of fields, including genetic engineering, immunochemistry and biochemistry. The Cell Biology Research Center in the Laboratories is engaged in the development of products related to cell cultures.