Laboratory Chemicals Business

We provide high-grade products to meet a wide variety of customer needs as a leading reagent company.
Regarding the reagents business, we have been providing products across a wide range of fields with the aim of being a reagents manufacturer that meets various research needs in advanced technological fields ever since our establishment. We will continue to play our role as a reliable partner who supports research through our accumulated technology.

Laboratory Chemicals Product Website

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Products and Services Handled

  • General reagents
  • Reagents for precise analysis
  • Reagents for genetic research
  • Reagents for cell culture
  • Reagents for immunology research
  • Reagents for pathology research
  • Reagents for environmental analysis
  • Reagents for chromatograph
  • Reagents for biochemistry
  • Reagents for organic synthesis
  • Commissioned services
  • Reagents for endotoxin detection
  • Culture media for production of biopharmaceuticals
  • Basic culture media for research
  • Equipment