Laboratory Chemicals Business

We provide high-grade products to meet a wide variety of customer needs as a leading reagent company.
Regarding the reagents business, we have been providing products across a wide range of fields with the aim of being a reagents manufacturer that meets various research needs in advanced technological fields ever since our establishment. We will continue to play our role as a reliable partner who supports research through our accumulated technology.

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  • General reagents
  • Reagents for precise analysis
  • Reagents for genetic research
  • Reagents for cell culture
  • Reagents for immunology research
  • Reagents for pathology research
  • Reagents for environmental analysis
  • Reagents for chromatograph
  • Reagents for biochemistry
  • Reagents for organic synthesis
  • Commissioned services
  • Reagents for endotoxin detection
  • Culture media for production of biopharmaceuticals
  • Basic culture media for research
  • Equipment

We research every markets’ needs and global trends. We have established a supply system that enables us to provide detailed support for R&D in each industry by offering a wide range of products centered on our own, so as to always meet customer requests appropriately.

We have prepared a production system for high-quality products by applying our unique technological prowess centered on the reagent manufacturing plants in Tokyo and Osaka. The Aichi plant houses culture media production facilities to enable production of culture media for regenerative medicine and to manufacture biopharmaceuticals.

We strive to provide high customer satisfaction with our services and product information via informative magazines, such as “Wako Pure Chemicals Newsletter,” “Chem Growing —Analytical & Organic—,” and “Bio Window,” our websites, and by hosting academic seminars, academic conferences/exhibitions, etc.

An overseas sales system has been established. We proactively develop global businesses, such as providing characteristic products by applying our unique technologies with the same quality as Japan.