Commercial Digital Printing

Revoria Press E1136 / E1125 / E1110 / E1100


The world of wonder in monochromatic print production

Productivity & Stability ― On-demand press with high productivity and stability.

Continuous mass printing enabled

You can enjoy seamless operation at continuous mass printing as cartridge replacement and paper refill can be done while printing is in progress. A single high capacity toner cartridge can yield approximately 71500 pages* for printing.

  • * A4 LEF size, area coverage 6% at continuous printing. Reference of FUJIFILM Business Innoavtion test criteria.

Quality ― Exceptionally beautiful, high quality printing.

High resolution printing of 2400 × 2400 dpi

The heart of the printer, ROS*1, uses VCSEL*2 as a light source. It enables printing at 2400 × 2400 dpi high resolution by
drawing images simultaneously with 32 laser beams. 

  • *1: Raster Output Scanner
  • *2: Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser

EA-Eco LGK* toner for high image quality

EA-Eco LGK toner with extremely small particle size of 6.5 microns allows reproduction of photograph gradation in a smooth and beautiful way, density uniformity in figures, and small text clearly. It also produces easy-to-read printed text with less glare which is also easy on your eyes.

  • * EA: Emulsion Aggregation LGK: Low Gloss Kuro (Black)

Transfer unit with high image quality design

Designed to prevent fluctuations in paper transport speed even in a compact body. Stabilize driving speed of the transfer belt by increasing the roll diameter. Automatic adjustment of contact pressure between transfer belt and drum. It ensures consistent transfer even on thin or thick paper.

Ultra high precision registration - IReCT*

This digital image registration control technology "IReCT*" precisely measures the position of sheets running in highspeed and realises real time correction to misregistration of printing images and distortion on each sheet with ultra high precision registration, which cannot be achieved by mechanical correction technology alone. 

  • * Image Registration Control Technology

Maintain printing quality with easy adjustment

Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA), which realises simple alignment adjustments has been installed. For optimal adjustment, you can just print and scan the calibration chart. It ensures consistent printing quality with properly adjusted print position, perpendicularity, skew and magnification on both the front and back sides.

Printing with right settings for each media type

A maximum of 100 paper types can be registered with "Custom Paper Settings". It allows configuration settings such as alignment, fold position, fusing temperature according to paper to be used and produce printout with high image quality.

Flexible feeding and finishing options

These options make it possible to build flexible printing systems suited to every printing operation.