Stencil Emulsions

World-class inks and consumables for graphic screen printing.


Dirasol CTS

A pre-sensitised photostencil emulsion designed for direct-to-screen stencil systems.

Dirasol 132

A pre-sensitised photostencil emulsion for graphic and industrial printing, offering distinct production advantages without compromising quality and performance.

Dirasol SW10

A universal projection emulsion for all ink types.

Dirasol S10

Photopolymer emulsion for high magnification poster and billboard applications.

Diazo Photopolymer

Dirasol 902

Multi-purpose diazo photopolymer emulsion for graphic and industrial printing.

Dirasol Zenith

Diazo photopolymer emulsion designed to print high quality UV and solvent based inks.

Dirasol 915

Multi-purpose diazo photopolymer emulsion offering resistance to all graphic, speciality and textile inks.

Dirasol 916

Universal diazo photopolymer emulsion offering superb resolution and definition.

Dirasol 917

Diazo photopolymer emulsion designed for high quality printing of UV and solvent based inks.

Dirasol 948

Diazo photopolymer emulsion with a very high solids content for easy production of high build stencils.

Dirasol Supercoat

Diazo photopolymer emulsion designed to offer superb coating characteristics with resistance to all ink types.


Dirasol 32

Diazo emulsion for ultra-fine line and halftone reproduction.

Dirasol 29

An easy to use diazo emulsion for use with solvent-based and UV curing inks in graphic and speciality screen printing.