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Market Segments

FUJIFILM delivers innovative solutions designed to transform commercial and industrial printing to support business needs.

Our industrial printheads, ink technologies, and inkjet technology integration services allow OEM manufacturers, print service providers, brands and contract manufacturers in multiple industry sectors to gain a competitive advantage by deploying inkjet and material deposition technologies. Our experts work alongside OEM development teams to deliver best in class solutions using our printheads as well bespoke integrated solutions to meet individual producer needs.

Meeting the needs of the industries illustrated below reflects the value of our printhead technology providing reliability, durability, quality and support that enables greater operational efficiency, improved time to market, optimized supply chain, and waste reduction.

Additive Manufacturing

Building Materials

Image of Building Materials

Our ink and printing technology allows manufactures to directly print onto broad range of surfaces such as decorative glass, ceramic tiles, flooring, house wrap. These are used in a wide range of applications by architects, designers and owners in commercial and residential environments.

With the need to differentiate and customize designs, construction and remodeling of commercial as well as residential properties rely on versatility of materials for decorative surfaces. Today’s materials for decorative surfaces offer environmentally friendly options, unique designs and the ability for architects and interior designers to express their creativity. These are enabled with a range of digital printing technologies utilizing our printheads. These have been the bedrock of innovation in digital decoration in these industry segments, allowing for unlimited, rich designs on a broad range of building materials and surfaces.


  • Building Wrap
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Flooring
  • Glass
  • Woodworking

Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing

Commercial printing, direct mail, publishing and transaction documents are the mainstay of the printing industry. Retail brands, news organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and many others rely on print communications to deliver their message. Our solutions power conventional and digital technologies for these segments.

Commercial printing is a diverse industry, calling for a wide range of solutions including digital printing as well as imprinting solutions. This industry produces applications aimed at delivering meaningful communications including critical and timely information, brand messaging and product offerings between businesses and their customers.

Our inkjet solutions – printheads, inks and substrates – are leading the industry in quality, speed, and reliability. Our inkjet solutions and pre-coating technologies enable the highest quality images to be reproduced on a wide variety of substrates- meeting the diverse needs of this industry. Digital print production solutions that utilize our core inkjet technology are aimed at short, medium and long print runs and provides quality that rivals the quality of traditional offset printing. Combined with workflow, quality assurance and color management, our solutions set a benchmark for quality and reliability.


  • Commercial Printing
  • Direct Mail
  • Publishing
  • Transaction
  • TransPromo

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our graphic solutions including our Inks and printheads are key enablers to make printed images come to life on a range of substrates targeted for out-of-home signs and displays.

Our inkjet products range from printheads, to custom design inks, to complete jetting assemblies with supporting fluids and components. Our technology expertise includes solvent, aqueous, ultraviolet (UV), ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV LED) and hybrid. From original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers to purpose built systems, our solutions meet industry demand for quality and scalability.


  • Outdoor and Indoor Signage
  • Point-of-Sale Displays
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Soft Signage (Textiles)
  • Screen Masking
  • Ad Specialty
  • Wallcoverings


Industrial Image

Material deposition spans a range of established and new applications including functional as well as decorative materials. Our materials and technologies allow manufacturers to innovate and explore new applications. We supply businesses and educational institutions with test systems and custom materials needed for feasibility testing as well as turnkey solutions for commercial implementations.

Manufacturing industry segments are teeming with new opportunities for material deposition. These are used for marking and decorating of surfaces. They are also used for pricewise deposition of functional materials that offer unique product usability. The Dimatix Materials Printer can be used for experimentation and exploration for those companies looking to take it to the next level. Additionally we offer integration services that can easily convert projects into a production reality.


  • Functional Material Deposition
  • Product Decoration

Life Science/Optical


Universities, research laboratories, and manufacturers regularly develop new applications using our printheads. This exciting field has incredible untapped potential in biotech, healthcare and many life science industries.

The boundaries of the life science market for fluid dispensing printheads are limited only by the boundaries of our imagination. This market is rapidly expanding with new requirements for precise dispensing of DNA and protein substances. The high costs of these fluids make our inkjet printheads with their precision placement and tight flow control, an excellent dispensing tool for a broad range of applications. Our inkjet printheads enable precise material deposition for applications such as medication development to UV based micro lenses.


  • Antibodies
  • DNA
  • Food Science
  • Material Development
  • Medical Devices
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Optical Lenses
  • Light Pipes


Image of Packaging

A product’s packaging is the first thing that consumers see on the shelf or on their front porch. The package needs to convey the product information and give the consumer a feeling of quality. Our inks and printheads allow packaging converters to meet demanding brand requirements for quality and innovative use of product packaging.

The packaging industry has adopted digital technologies for decades. Today, solutions based on our printheads are addressing the growing industry needs for high speed, high quality output that help meet industry needs for timeliness and reduction of waste, while maintaining its environmental track record for recycling. Our inkjet products enable a wide range of OEMs and brands to offer unique solutions from basic marking to full package printing for primary and secondary applications that comply with industry safety standards.


  • Corrugated Packaging
  • Direct to Shape
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Folding Cartons
  • Label
  • Marking & Coding

Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics Image

Electronics are enabling modern living from in-home streaming to industrial use of super computers. Our printheads are capable of precise material depositions that meet industry needs for unique and precise applications.

Our inkjet printheads and integration services enable efficient and cost-effective production of electronic elements using functional fluids that are applied directly and without contact onto rigid and flexible surfaces. Our piezoelectric jetting technology makes this possible without the waste associated with typical screen printing-based application techniques. Conductive fluids can support a range of solutions used to generate and store electricity as well circuit boards and passive and active tracking devices.


  • Batteries
  • Flex Circuits
  • Fuel Cells
  • PCB Photomasks
  • Photovoltaic
  • RFID


Specialty Image

Through research and development of new innovative inks for a range of applications, we are at the forefront of new solutions for our served industry segments with safe and sustainable products. Developed to meet strict industry standards, our reliable materials and inkjet solutions meet the needs of today’s manufacturers for quality and safety.

We are committed to enabling a broad range of applications utilizing our printheads as well as providing an array of quality inks for printing. Through research and innovation, we are developing innovative graphic applications as well as specialty inks to meet burgeoning applications. These inks are developed to meet critical industry standards for human safety as well as challenging surface decoration applications.


  • Edible Inks
  • Indirect Food Contact
  • Metal Decoration


Image of Textile

Fashion and interior décor innovation comes in rich designs and colors enabled by our inks and printheads. Our core technology is a critical ingredient in support of the migration of the textile industry into sustainable digital print production. Our products are widely used to design direct to fabric as well as direct to garment devices.

Digitally printed textiles for garments and interior décor are making inroads into this traditional industry segment where environmental impact, flexibility and supply chain innovations are rapidly transforming the industry. Our printheads and inks enable fabric finishers worldwide to benefit from high volume production aimed at transforming the industry by shortening production time, as well as having a significant impact on precious resources such as water and energy.


  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Direct to Garment
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Sportswear
  • Home Décor
  • Functional & Smart Fabrics