[image] ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650

Production Printer

ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650

With a wide range of paper versatility, beautiful output quality, and high durability, a wide range of promotional materials can also be created quickly in-house.

Promotes in-house production of eye-catching promotional materials

Supports a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses, and can create a variety of deliverables. You can easily create flyers, business cards, and posters to expand your business.

  • Supports a wide range of sizes from postcards to long paper (330 × 1300 mm*1)
  • Supports a wide range of thicknesses from 52 gsm lightweight paper to 350 gsm cardstock paper
  • Renewed the core technology for image writing, and prints beautifully even on envelopes and embossed paper with uneven surface
  • *1: When feeding paper from Bypass Tray installed directly to the printer, or from Multi Sheet Inserter for Banner Print. When printing on one side. 2 sided printing is up to 330 × 762 mm.

Print beautifully on various types of paper

Supports the various characteristics of paper, enabling high-precision output.

  • The sensor detects misalignment of paper traveling at high speed and automatically corrects it
  • By adjusting the force applied to the paper according to the paper thickness, stable paper feed is performed even with cardstock paper, and high registration accuracy is achieved
  • Built-in decurler flattens paper curl and stabilises paper feed
  • While viewing the amount of curl on paper, curl adjustments can be performed in real time*1
  • The optimum output conditions for each type of paper, such as transfer conditions, can be registered (maximum: 100) so that high-quality output can be achieved efficiently simply by selecting the paper type
  • *1: Optional.

Variable data printing for effective marketing campaigns

Create in-house highly appealing promotional materials by customising messages and images to suit each individual in the target audience.

  • Supports variable printing, which prints one sheet at a time with the content replaced
  • Supports industry standard PPML with variable printing

Beautiful post-processing output with in-line finishing options

From printing to post-processing, you can do it all at once.

  • Beautifully designed full page photo booklets with full bleed trim
  • High-quality booklet with a square back finish for a flat book spine
  • Crease*1 function to create unique accordion fold for promotional materials
  • Insert oversized A3 size paper as covers
  • Supports frequently used office functions - Punch, Side Stitch, Saddle Staple, and Single Fold
  • Note: Optional. See "Optional" for details on the output options and post-processing.
  • *1: Up to five creases can be made for mountain fold and valley fold. Folding is performed manually.


Full Bleed Trim

Square Back


Professional Output Quality

"World's first" high resolution LED printhead print output

Latest technology to achieve professional quality image and high-definition printing.

  • World's first*1 LED printhead with 2400 dpi resolution
  • Vibrant colors with Super EA Eco toner and its smallest toner particles for smooth gradation
  • Clear reproduction of images with fine lines and small text
  • Gloss function brings the beautiful glossy finish to the end product (e.g. photos.)
  • *1: Dry-type electrophotographic method. As of March 2021. According to our research.

Highest productivity level with continuous operations

Excellent durability and ability to handle core output and high volume printing.

  • Achieves print speed as high as81 ppm (A4), 80 ppm (8.5x11")*1
  • Low wear photoconductor drum with long life reduces the frequency of drum replacement
  • High capacity paper feed up to 7360 sheets*2
  • Replace toner and add paper without stopping the print jobs in progress, and maximise machine runtime
  • *1: For C810. C750 is 75 ppm, and C650 is 65 ppm.
  • *2: 80 gsm paper. When High Capacity Feeder C3-DS is installed.

Maintain print quality with easy adjustment

Use inbuilt standard SIQA*1 to easily & quickly adjust the print quality.

  • Simply scan the dedicated charts to automatically calculate the appropriate adjustment values for both Side 1 & 2 Registration, Density Uniformity adjustment, and Adjust Image Transfer
  • Quick & simple user operation without need of remembering fine calibration values
  • In addition to print quality, machine utilisation rate is also improved
  • *1: Simple Image Quality Adjustment

Supporting Technologies
World's first*1, LED printhead to achieve 2400 x 2400 dpi high resolution

LED printheads, which are compact and have high image quality, have evolved to be sharper and higher definition.


  • Thin emitting light to write the image
  • The exposure unit does not vibrate because there is no drive mechanism
  • High resolution of 2400 dpi and digital magnification correction
  • *1: Dry-type electrophotographic method. As of March  2021. According to our research.
LED light-emitting unit
Enlarge photo with thin lines /small size text (4 pt)

One device, dual role - Production & Office work

Fast and efficient operation

Fast startup and output. You can use it anytime you want.

  • Smart WelcomEyes detects approaching user, and automatically recovers from a power-saving state
  • High-end model, yet recovers from sleep mode within 30 seconds
  • First Copy Output Time of 5.4 seconds*1
  • *1 :Color priority mode.