CVD Precursors & Chemical Delivery Systems

Cost saving solutions for the semiconductor industry

A full range of ultra-pure CVD and thin film chemicals as well as high purity delivery systems designed to provide cost saving solutions and next generation technologies to the semiconductor industry.

The Thin Film Systems group is dedicated to being the preeminent source of value to OEMs and end users.

CVD Precursors

FUJIFILM Electronic Materials has developed proprietary separation technologies and expertise that allow for rapid delivery of new and novel ultra-pure chemistries to OEMs and end users.

State of the art container cleaning, coupled with strong process control and advanced analytical capabilities ensures lot to lot consistency at the fab.

We offer a wide range of thin film chemicals to cover industry needs.

Chemical Delivery Systems

Complete offering of equipment for the process.

Custom interface for all OEM tools, touch screen user interface, and extremely easy to use software. Quality focused, customer dedicated design. Open architecture, no patents involved. Cabinets work with standard industry containers.