Inkjet Photo Printer

Frontier DE100-XD


Tough and multi-talented to do more for your photo business

The Frontier DE100-XD is a compact, high-performance photo printer that is characterized by extreme durability, superb image quality, and high-speed processing.

In addition, it enables flexible system configuration for producing multiple photo print products that meet the diverse needs of the photo industry.

Flexibly meets the needs of a variety of shop types

  • *1 It depends on the specified measurement method. In some cases the performance may vary depending on the application and environmental conditions.

High Image Quality

The Frontier DE100-DX produces beautiful photo prints with exceptional graininess and sharpness.

A very accurate placement of the smallest ink droplets is the key to excellent photo prints.

Fujifilm’s proprietary ViViDiA D-photo high-viscosity 4-color ink system, combined with a high-resolution 1,200 × 1,200 dpi printhead, results in a very accurate application of ink droplets at the ultra-small size of 1 picolitre. This creates beautiful photo prints with unprecedented fine grain and vibrancy.

The "VIVIDIA" ink system enables the production of photo prints with excellent color formation and a wide range of color reproduction.

Fujifilm’s Superior Image Processing

Fujifilm’s proprietary technology Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure and overexposure − to produce beautiful images.

Meets the diversifying needs of consumers

The DE100-XD supports various paper sizes from 89×50 mm to 210×1,000 mm. Among others, photo prints can be printed in wallet size, 4R format, square format or even as 1m long banner for indoor decoration

Paper width (mm)89/102/127/152/203/210
Paper length (mm)50 ‒ 1,000
Paper Surfaces

Glossy / Luster / Silk 

The compact size and easy maintenance is saving space and time

With a required footprint of only 0.24 m², the printer can also be installed in small locations

Easy Maintenance

All daily operation and maintenance work can be carried out via the front side. To replace ink cartridges or the paper roll, or to empty the waste paper box, only the front covers have to be opened.