Experience a Legacy of Legendary Optics

Fujinon binoculars are trusted companion astronomers, maritime surveillance experts, and other visual professionals. With their exceptional optical performance, rugged durability, and best-in-class image stabilization technology, these binoculars bring the world up close and clearly into view.

How to use the Binoculars 

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Essential Binocular Information

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Our unique technology has enabled powerful vibration correction. Suitable for a wide range of situations.


Superb brightness achieved by various coatings, including our unique multi-coating. Suitable for multiple situations.

FMT series

Contains Fujinon's proprietary field flattener lens for a sharp field of view with no distortion throughout the field of view.

Mariner series

Not only is it airtight waterproof, but it is also equipped with a high-precision global compass with a maximum accuracy of ±0.5.

LB150 series

It is featured by high resolution and sharp images without distortion even to the edges in addition to airtight waterproofing.